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CONSULTING for digital, corporate, streaming and cable/broadcast projects. 

Liz’s 20+ years of experience  in editing, post-production, developing show ideas, creating sizzle reels, pitching to networks and executing hit series as a producer, executive producer, showRunner and editor has made her a go-to consultant in the Non-Scripted/Reality space. 

Liz is a unique asset in making media content with a positive social and environmental message that resonates with viewers and critics. Her record for environmental programming that garners top ratings and critical acclaim -- such as 11 seasons of Whale Wars -- has made her a highly sought after consultant for companies and groups looking to create content in the environmental media space.

Traditionally, audiences have been turned off by conservation and environmental shows, but with Whale Wars, Liz changed the game. The series smashed rating records and paved the way forward for spinoffs like Viking Shores and Operation Bluefin.

Her string of successes in this genre continued as Liz was tapped by Animal Planet to oversee their new blue chip series Ocean Warriors, produced by Robert Redford’s Sundance Productions, BCTV and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions. The show premiered in 2016 to great ratings and critical acclaim.

Liz has cracked the code for

·       How to create compelling story and narrative from raw footage.

·       How to make content with a social message that inspires and excites without feeling preachy

·       How to tell stories about important issues without boring the audience 

Please email Liz at for more information and pricing.

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