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Animal Planet's marketing team always made such great posters. Click the one below for more.

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What the Critics Said:

A ragtag band of eco-warriors headlines the most exciting unscripted series of the year. Whale Wars is a thrilling adventure. -Boston Herald

Whale Wars splashes across the increasingly exhausted genre of people-at-work reality series like icy seawater, jolting you awake with a frothy, briny burst of — well, you get the idea. This is one spunky show. -NY Times

Defying the general trajectory of reality TV shows, Whale Wars has been getting better and better as a TV series as it ages. From its heart-stopping tension—there’s a cliffhanger for nearly every commercial break—to the bewildering bumbling of the Sea Shepherds, it’s been a tremendous season, and the series unquestionably remains one of the best shows on TV. -Reality Blurred

The sincerest form of flattery is parody. Nothing made the WW team happier than this South Park episode called Whale Whores. Check out the full episode on iTunes. It's hilarious and mocks everything about the show-not just Sea Shepherd, but our music, our editing, our VO...It's an honor to by mocked by South Park!

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