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Executive Producers Liz Bronstein, Reza Aslan, Lloyd Braun, Chris Cowan

CNN's BELIEVER WITH REZA ASLAN is a spiritual adventure series following religious scholar and best-selling author Reza Aslan as he immerses himself in the customs and faith rituals around the globe, exploring Ultra-Orthodox Judaism in Israel, Scientology in the U.S., Hindu asceticism in India, Vodou in Haiti, Santa Muerte in Mexico, and an apocalyptic doomsday cult in Hawaii.


Executive Producer Liz Bronstein

KILLER OUTBREAKS delves into the drama of our planet's most deadly diseases. Killer pathogens constantly are evolving, increasing in strength and numbers. From small town doctors at community hospitals to top scientists at the Centers for Disease Control, the battle is being waged on all fronts.


Executive Producer Liz Bronstein

VIKING SHORES is a series for Animal Planet set in the  picturesque Faroe Islands which follows The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as it sets sail to end the ancient tradition known as "The Grind,"  Faroese for "whale drive." For the first time in the history of the Whale Wars saga, the Sea Shepherds are not only at sea but also deploying a covert team on the ground.


Executive Producers Chris Cowan, Jean-Michel Michenaud

Co-Executive Producer Liz Bronstein

JOE MILLIONAIRE is a 2001 series for Fox that spoofed the Bachelor, sending a fake millionaire to woo contestants at a chateau in France. Season 1 smashed all ratings records with an audience of over 42 million Americans.


Executive Producer Liz Bronstein

WHALE WARS has 7 hit seasons, 2 spin offs, 7 Emmy nominations, a Genesis Award, a Cine Golden Eagle and a special award from the Academy of Television for making “TV with a Conscience.” 


Executive Producers Liz Bronstein, Tina Gazzerro

JOCKEYS is an American documentary television series that chronicles the professional lives of jockeys during the famous thirty-day Oak Tree Meet at Santa Anita Race Track.


Executive Producer Liz Bronstein

OPERATION BLUEFIN is an exciting documentary that follows the controversial Sea Shepherds as they storm the Mediterranean Sea to wage war against the illegal overfishing of bluefin tuna. Sea Shepherd will do everything possible to protect the magnificent bluefin as the species speeds towards extinction.


Executive Producers Simon Cowell, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, Siobhan Greene, Peter Jones, Liz Bronstein

AMERICAN INVENTOR is a reality show for ABC which searched the country for the next great inventor.


Executive Producers Liz Bronstein, Matt Robbins, Chris Muckle.

A CNN series that profiles 6 of America’s First Ladies. The premiere of the show on Oct 4, 2020 delivered CNN Original Programming their highest ratings since 2016


Executive Producers Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin from BCTV, Laura Michalchyshyn and Robert Redford from Sundance Productions and Paul G. Allen from Vulcan Productions. Liz Bronstein and Erin Wanner are the Executive Producers for Animal Planet.

OCEAN WARRIORS is a six-hour television special event on Animal Planet that follows activists around the world as they fight to save our oceans.


Executive Producers Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Sean Baily, Chris Moore

Co-Executive Producer Liz Bronstein 

PROJECT GREENLIGHT is the groundbreaking, Emmy Nominated documentary television series on HBO focusing on first-time filmmakers being given the chance to direct a feature film for Miramax Films. 


Executive Producers Liz Bronstein, Keith Barry, Teri Kennedy, Eamonn Maguire

Discovery's DECEPTION WITH KEITH BARRY is a series that follows Mentalist and illusionist Keith Barry as he shows viewers how to use the powers he has perfected over years of study to help regular people succeed in their every day life.

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